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Experiential Learning – Guidelines for Majors in Microbiology


What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential Learning is important in the core curriculum for Rutgers SEBS undergraduates, requiring a minimum of 3 credits in hands-on learning. Students are urged to pursue additional educational opportunities and promptly meet this requirement. Experiential Learning involves active participation in "learning by doing," which enhances career development by deepening understanding and acquiring skills highly sought after by employers and graduate programs.

Major-Specific Opportunities

Microbiology majors are required to obtain three (3) experiential learning credits to fulfill their graduation requirements. This process contributes to achieving the following Microbiology program goals.

  1. 11:680:497/498
  2. 11:680:395

Additional Experiential Learning Opportunities

For additional Experiential Learning opportunities, please see the SEBS Experiential Learning page.

Benefits to You

  • Gain practical experience for your planned career.
  • Gain experience that will improve your application to graduate or professional school.
  • Add relevant work experience and skills to your professional résumé.
  • Expand your world view and develop an appreciation of community.
  • Gain insight into your skills, interests, passions, and values.
  • Gain self-confidence and a better understanding of course material in your classes.

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