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Course Descriptions

Course No./
Course Synopses Semester
11:115:100 PDF Molecules of Life Spring
11:115:110 Experiments with GFP: The Art and the Science Summer
11:115:201 (121k PDF) Contemporary Issues in Biochemistry Fall
11:115:301 (236k PDF) Introduction to Biochemistry Fall/Spring/Summer
11:115:301 online Online - Introduction to Biochemistry Fall/Spring/Summer
11:115:313 (136k PDF) Introduction to Biochem Lab Fall/Spring
11:115:321 (44k PDF) Ethics in Biochemical Research Fall/Spring
11:115:403 (29k PDF) General Biochemistry I Fall
11:115:404 (56k PDF) General Biochemistry II Spring
11:115:406 (155 PDF) Problem Solving in Biochemistry Spring
11:115:409 (46k PDF) Principles of Biophysical Chemistry Spring
11:115:412 Protein & Enzyme Chemistry Spring
11:115:413 (133k PDF) Experimental Biochemistry I Fall
11:115:414 (139k PDF) Experimental Biochemistry II Spring
11:115:421 (457k PDF) Biochemistry of Cancer Spring
11:115:422 (21k PDF) Biochemical Mechanisms of Toxicology Fall
11:115:423 (298k PDF) Fundamentals of Genomics (236k PDF) Spring
11:115:433 Special Topics in Biochemistry Fall/Spring
11:115:435 Topics in Biochemistry Fall
11:115:436 (104k PDF) Molecular Toxicology Laboratory Spring
11:115:452 Biochemistry Separations Spring
11:115:485 Structural Biophysics - Advanced Methods for 3-D Structure Determination of Biomolecules Spring
11:115:491/492 (128k PDF) Biochemical Communications Fall/Spring
11:115:493/494 Research Problems in Biochem Fall/Spring
11:115:497/498 Honors in Biochemistry Fall/Spring