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Maria Gloria Dominguez Bello

Maria Gloria Dominguez Bello headshot.

Laboratory Website

Lipman Hall, Room 333B
76 Lipman Drive
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8525

Curriculum Vitae (151k PDF)

Research Interests

My research interest focuses on the microbiome development from birth, functions for the host, impact by modern urban practices that reduce microbial transmission or disrupt the microbiota and strategies for restoration. We integrate the fields of anthropology and physiology into microbial ecology to understand the microbiome functions. Other efforts focus on a global initiative to preserve microbiotas important to humankind called “The Microbiota Vault”, that involves education and promotion of creation of local microbiota collections with backup stored in a safe place, and sequencing the specimens for public use, supporting global research.

Specifically, our current projects include:

  1. Effects of early microbiota stressors on microbiome maturation and host development. We are performing studies in mice, humans and non-human primates.
  2. Functional importance of breastfeeding on microbiome maturation in humans.
  3. The effect of medical exposure on the microbiome of isolated traditional peoples.

Funding: NIH, CIFAR , Emch Fund; C&D Fund,

Publications List

Selected Publications, 2022–2023

  1. Gauglitz, J.M., West, K.A., Bittremieux, W. et al. Enhancing untargeted metabolomics using metadata-based source annotation. Nature Biotechnology, 2022, 40, 1774–1779.[C]
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  4. Van Best, N, Dominguez-Bello MG, MW Hornef, E Jasarevich, K Korsela and TD Lawley. Should we modulate the neonatal microbiome, and what should be the goal? Microbiome, 2022 10:74.
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