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Maria Gloria Dominguez Bello

Maria Gloria Dominguez Bello headshot.

Laboratory Website

Lipman Hall, Room 333B
76 Lipman Drive
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8525

Curriculum Vitae (151k PDF)

Research Interests

My research interest focuses on the microbiome development from birth, functions for the host, impact by practices that reduce microbial transmission or disrupt the microbiota, and strategies for restoration. We also study how Westernization changes environmental microbes and human exposures, integrating the fields of anthropology and architecture/urban studies into microbial ecology.

Current Projects

1. Effects of C-section on development

The major goal of this study is to determine perinatal microbial factors that protect against or predispose to metabolic diseases and to type 1 diabetes. JDRF; Emch Fund; C&D Fund, CIFAR, SEBS-IFNH-Seed grant.

2. Effect of lack of direct breastfeeding on the infant microbiome development

The major goal of this study is to determine whether bottle-feeding maternal breastmilk introduces developmental changes in the microbiome of babies. Funds: Emch Fund; C&D Fund, CIFAR.

3. The microbiome of isolated peoples

Hunter-gatherer societies bring a unique opportunity as a proximities to pre-urban life practices (void of antimicrobial factors such as antibiotics, C-sections, excessive hygiene). This project studies the community structure and function of the bacterial populations in the body of traditional peoples, to understand their protective effect against modern immune and metabolic diseases. Funds: Emch Fund; C&D Fund.

Publications List

Selected Publications, 2021–Present

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  2. Janiak MC, Montague M, Villamil C, Stock M, Trujillo A, DePasquale A, Orkin J, Bauman Surratt S, Gonzalez O, Platt M, Martinez M, Antón S, Dominguez-Bello G, Melin A, Higham J. Microbiome Age and sex-associated variation in the multi-site microbiome of an entire social group of free-ranging rhesus macaques. Microbiome 2021, 9:68 
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  6. Ferrazzo Naspolini N, Meyer A; Costa Moreira J; Sun H; Froes-Asmus C. I. R.; Dominguez-Bello MG. Environmental pollutant exposure associated with altered early-life gut microbiome: Results from a birth cohort study. Environmental Research 2021 205, 112545, 
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  8. Sun, H., P. Yamada, A. Paetow, M. Chan, A. Arslan, R. landberg, M. G. Dominguez-Bello, and B. K. Young. A randomized controlled trial of the effects of whole grains versus refined grains diets on the microbiome in pregnancy. Scientific Reports 2022, 12:509, 
  9. Dominguez Bello MG, Shin H, Martinez II K, Henderson N, Jay M, Schweizer W, Bogaert D, Park G, Bokulich N, Blaser M. Partial convergence of the human vaginal and rectal maternal microbiota in late gestation and the early post-partum" NPJBiofilms 2022 (accepted
  10. Van Best, N, Dominguez-Bello MG, MW Hornef, E Jasarevich, K Korsela and TD Lawley. Should we modulate the neonatal microbiome, and what shpuld be the goal? Microbiome, 2022 10:74. 
  11. Gauglitz et al. 4 authors Dorrestein. Enhancing metabolomics annotations using metadata-based source annotation. Nature Biotechnology 2022 (Accepted)