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Program Mission and Learning Goals

Program Learning Goals:

  1. Graduates will be able to illustrate and describe the biology of microorganisms, focusing on microbial processes and their effects on other organisms and the environment, microbial communities, and biogeochemical cycles. | Courses: 11:680:390, 11:680:480, 11:680:481, 11:680:491, 11:680:494  
  2.  Graduates will be able to apply the scientific method to formulate questions and hypotheses, design experiments, employ appropriate methodology to solve problems in microbiology, and be able to analyze, interpret, and present scientific data in microbiology. |Courses: 11:680:390, 11:680:494; 11:680:492, 11:680:495, 11:680:497 and 11:680:498|
  3. Graduates will be able to critically evaluate scientific literature and explain their findings in written and oral format. | Courses: 11:680:475, 11:680:492, 11:680:495 |
  4.  Graduates will be able to summarize ethical and current issues in microbiology and apply a code of ethics for microbiologists including ethical conduct, scientific integrity, and the dignity of the profession and practice of microbiology. |Courses: 11:680:401, 11:680:492, 11:680:495 |