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11:115:313: Introductory Biochemistry Lab

(1 credit)


This is a laboratory course which is offered each Fall and Spring semester.

Prerequisites and Registration Restrictions

Pre-requisites: 11:115:301 Introductory Biochemistry or 403 General Biochemistry

For Pre-requisite overrides or Special Permission contact the Instructor.


One 3-hour laboratory class per week.


Laboratory course covers techniques used in research, clinical, and food laboratories, including tests of biological materials, methods of separations, and determinations of enzyme activities.

Topics Covered

Spectrohotometry, pH and buffers, protein purification, identification, and enzyme kinetics.

Course Book

Lab manual is available for purchase at the start of the semester.

Learning Goals

Learn practical laboratory skills, basic statistics, and data analysis.


Assignments and short lab reports relating to the lab exercise will be assessed for grading purposes.

Other Requirements

Attendance and laboratory skills/participation will be assessed and will count toward the final grade.


A detailed syllabus will be available at the first class meeting and posted on the course Sakai page.