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Undergraduate Program in Biochemistry

Students in a lab.

About the Program

The Biochemistry major provides students with an integrated education in biochemistry that brings together the basics of biochemistry and its application to biological systems. The major takes advantage of the diversity of molecular/biochemical research and coursework that is offered at Rutgers at SEBS and the other schools. Students will apply their basic understanding of biochemistry to a specific area of interest, ranging from toxicology /pharmacology, to food and nutritional sciences, microbiology, animal science, and plant biology. This redesigned and enhanced curriculum follows the recommendations of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) and has components of both a traditional course-centered approach to teaching and the more current content- and outcome-centered approach. The purpose of the major is to prepare students for futures in science, either through obtaining advanced degrees or through entering the workforce in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and chemical industries, government service, communications, law and many other fields.

Program Learning Goals

Upon graduation, students will be able:

  1. Biochemistry graduates will understand the basic concepts of biochemistry, including metabolism, enzymatic structure and function, and regulation of gene and protein expression.
  2. Students who complete our program will be able to use the scientific method, stating and testing a hypothesis, and will be able to design experiments to ask questions in biochemistry.
  3. Upon completion, students will be critical thinkers with effective written and oral communication skills; well prepared for positions in industry, government and graduate/professional study.
  4. Graduates will have a fundamental understanding of ethical and current issues in biochemistry and understand the importance of ethics in scientific research.

Program Director

Lori White
Lipman Hall, Rm. 128

Program Coordinator

Nalini Kaul
Lipman Hall, Rm. 223B

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