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Course Descriptions

Course Number Course Name Semester Taught
11:680:101 Living in the Microbial World Fall/Spring
11:680:103 Microbiology of Agricultural Products in New Jersey Fall
11:680:104 Introduction to Microbiomes Spring
11:680:201 Introduction to Microbiology Spring/Summer
11:680:202 Introduction to Microbiology Laboratory Spring/Summer
11:680:390 General Microbiology Fall/Spring/Summer
11:680:395 Peer Mentoring in Microbiology Fall/Spring/Summer
11:680:401 Ethics & Issues in Microbiology (306k PDF) Spring
11:680:102/410 102: The Science & Culture of Cheese & Wine (85k PDF)
410: The Microbiology & Culture of Cheese & Wine (25k PDF)
Summer (abroad)
11:680:475 Microbiomes and Health Spring
11:680:480 Microbial Genomics Spring
11:680:481 Microbial Physiology (56k PDF) Spring
11:680:491 Microbial Ecology & Diversity (91k PDF) Fall
11:680:492 Microbial Ecology & Diversity Lab Spring
11:680:494 Applied Microbiology Fall
11:680:495 Seminar in Microbiology (56k PDF) Fall
11:680:497/498 Research in Microbiology (249k PDF) Fall/Spring/Summer
11:680:499 Microbiology Senior Exit Survey Fall/Spring/Summer