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Fermentation Seminars

For Zoom link and access to webinar please contact the host or Lindsay Vasy

Spring 2022 Seminars
Date Speaker, Affiliation, and Seminar Title Host
Jan 26
|1:00 p.m.|Online|
Charles Denby
Stanford University
Genetic engineering of brewer's yeast for more efficient beer and wine fermentation
Ben Diaz
Feb 9
|1:00 p.m.|Online|
Vinayak Agarwal
Georgia Tech
Looking back and building forward: natural product biosynthesis
Lauren Hall
Feb 16
|12:30 p.m |Online|
Mihaela Glamoclija
Rutgers University
Microbial Community Composition at Jotun Thermal Spring in the High Arctic, an Analog to Jezero Carbonates on Mars
Max Haggblom
Mar 2
|12:30 p.m |IFNH-205|
Jason Yang
Rutgers University
Systems Biology Insights into Antimicrobial Resistance Physiology
Debashish Bhattacharya
Mar 9
|12:30 p.m |IFNH-205|
Nicole Farenfeld
Rutgers University
Sewer microbiology for tracking and protecting public health
Debashish Bhattacharya
Mar 23
|12:30 p.m |IFNH-205|
Lily Khadempour
Rutgers University-Newark
Ecology and evolution of insect-microbial symbioses
Debashish Bhattacharya
Apr 13
|12:30 p.m.|Hybird|
Alex Horswill
University of Colorado
Polymicrobial crosstalk on the skin limits MRSA colonization and disease
Amanda Williams
Apr 20
|12:30 p.m |IFNH-205|In Person Only
Juan A Bonachela
Rutgers University
Jack of many trades? Emergence of host immunity against a plastic virus
Debashish Bhattacharya
Apr 27
|12:30 p.m |IFNH-205|Hybird
Adriana Messyasz
Rutgers University
Tracking bacterial and viral shifts in three organisms to shed light on the complex role of microbes in coral reef health