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Fermentation Seminars

Please see below the full seminar schedule. If you have any questions about the seminars, please contact Nalini Kaul at

Spring 2024 Seminars
Date Speaker, Affiliation, and Seminar Title Host
Feb 12
12:15 PM |IFNH 101
Oriana Fisher
Bracing bacteria for copper uptake
Feb 19
12:00 PM | Alampi Room
Sian Owen
Phages in Technicolor: Innovating Virus Discovery to Combat Antibiotic Resistance & More
Feb 21
12:00 PM | IFNH 205
Katherine Wetzel
Phage Fundamentals: requirements for phage infection of mycobacteria
Feb 26
12:15 PM | IFNH 101
Thomas Bartlett
The circle in the sphere: Mechanisms of envelope biogenesis and division-site placement in Staphylococcus aureus
Feb 28
12:00 PM
Roy Price
SUNY Stony Brook, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences
Costantino Vetriani
Mar 4
12:15 PM | IFNH 101
Zachery Lonergan
Molecular fingerprinting of nitric oxide detoxification and reactivity
Mar 6
12:00 PM | IFNH 205
Rohan Maddamsetti
Quantitative studies of mobile genetic elements reveal mechanisms driving antibiotic resistance evolution