Faculty Emeriti
PostDocs / Research Associates / Research Staff
Graduate Students


  Name Position Phone Email
Picture of Tamar Barkay Barkay, Tamar Distinguished Professor (848) 932-5664
Picture of Debashish Bhattacharya Bhattacharya, Debashish Distinguished Professor (848) 932-6218
Picture of Jeff Boyd Boyd, Jeff Associate Professor (848) 932-5604
Picture of Yana Bromberg Bromberg, Yana Associate Professor (848) 932-5638
Picture of Keith Cooper Cooper, Keith R. Professor (848) 932-5614
Picture of Sharron Crane Crane, Sharron Teaching Instructor (848) 932-5621
Picture of Charles Dismukes Dismukes, Charles Distinguished Professor (848) 445-1489
Picture of Maria Gloria Dominguez Dominguez Bello, Maria Gloria Professor (848) 932-5648
Picture of Max Häggblom Häggblom, Max Distinguished Professor (848) 932-5646
Picture of Peter Kahn Kahn, Peter Professor (848) 932-5618
Picture of Ramaydalis Keddis Keddis, Ramaydalis Teaching Instructor (848) 932-4113
Picture of Arek Kulczyk Kulczyk, Arek Assistant Professor (848) 932-4113
Picture of Yan Yan Lam Lam, Yan Yan Assistant Research Professor (848) 932-5673
Picture of Jessica Lisa Lisa, Jessica Teaching Instructor (848) 932-5672
Picture of Kyle Murphy Murphy, Kyle Assistant Teaching Professor (848) 932-5608
Picture of George Pieczenik Pieczenik, George Associate Professor (848) 932-5637
Picture of Ines Rauschenbach Rauschenbach, Ines Assistant Teaching Professor (848) 932-5635
Picture of Costantino Vetriani Vetriani, Costantino Professor (848) 932-3379
Picture of Natalya Voloshchuk Voloshchuk, Natalya Assistant Teaching Professor (848) 932-5607
Picture of William Ward Ward, William Associate Professor (848) 932-5636
Picture of Lori White White, Lori Associate Professor (848) 932-5605
Picture of Ning Zhang Zhang, Ning Associate Professor (848) 932-6348
Picture of Liping Zhao Zhao, Liping Professor (848) 932-5675
Picture of Gerben Zylstra Zylstra, Gerben Distinguished Professor (848) 932-6298

Faculty Emeriti

  Name Phone Email
Picture of Theodore Chase, Jr. Chase, Jr., Theodore
Picture of Stan Katz Katz, Stan    
Picture of Ron Poretz Poretz, Ron (848) 932-5621  


  Name Position Phone Email
Picture of Audrey Andrews Andrews, Audrey Department Administrative Assistant (848) 932-5632
Picture of Tamara Crawford Crawford, Tamara Department Secretarial Assistant (848) 932-5634
Picture of Lucy Hsu Hsu, Lucy Principal Laboratory Technician (848) 932-5639
Picture of Jean Katz Katz, Jean Laboratory Operations Coordinator (848) 932-5418
Picture of Jessie Maguire Maguire, Jessie Accounting Assistant I (848) 932-5643
Picture of Lindsay Robinson Robinson, Lindsay Undergraduate Microbiology, Graduate Microbial
Biology Secretarial Assistant
(848) 932-5642
Picture of Jacqueline Vinasco Vinasco, Jacqueline Undergraduate Biochemistry Secretarial Assistant (848) 932-5633

PostDocs / Research Associates / Research Staff / Visitors

  Name Position Phone Email
Picture Pending Adedeji, Atilade Visiting Scholar 848-932-5666
Picture Pending Chang, Hung-Kuang Visiting Scientist
Picture of Victoria DiBona DiBona, Victoria Post-Doctoral Fellow
Picture Pending Ghani, Muhammad Visiting Scholar 848-932-5666
Picture Good, David Visiting Scientist
Picture of Karla_Esquilin-Lebron Esquilín-Lebron, Karla Post-Doctoral Associate 848-932-5678
Picture Pending Levitan, Orly Visiting Assistant Professor
Picture of Moises Lopez Gonzalez Lopez Gonzalez, Moises Post-Doctoral Associate (848) 932-5665
Picture of Yannick Mahlich Mahlich, Yannick Visiting Scholar 848-932-5626
Picture of Andrew Marinucci Marinucci, Andrew Visiting Scientist
Picture Pending Martin, Melinda Visiting Scientist
Picture of Max Miller Miller, Max Post-Doctoral Associate 848-932-5628
Picture Pending McGuinness, Kenneth Post-Doctoral Fellow 848-932-5628
Picture Pending Norambuena Morales, Javiera Post-Doctoral Associate 848-932-5602
Picture of Janet Onishi Onishi, Janet C. Visiting Scientist
Picture Pending Price, Erin Post-Doctoral Associate 848-932-5602
Picture Pending Qiang, Liyuan Visiting Scholar
Picture Pending Sheehan, Pamela Visiting Scientist    
Picture Pending Spreen, Yannick Visiting Scholar
Picture of Timothy Stephens Stephens, Timothy Post-Doctoral Associate
Picture Pending Tarique, Qaiser Visiting Scientist
Picture of Jincheng Wang Wang, Jincheng Post-Doctoral Associate (848) 932-5665
Picture Pending Ward, Paula Marie L. Visiting Scientist (908) 510-0933
Picture Pending Weinreb, Joanne Visiting Scientist    
Picture Pending Wu, Guojun Gary Post-Doctoral Associate (848) 932-6394
Picture Pending Zel-Zion, Ehud Research Associate
Picture Pending Zhao, Cuiping Post-Doctoral Associate (848) 932-5641
Picture of ChengSheng Zhu Zhu, ChengSheng Post-Doctoral Associate (848) 932-5626

Graduate Students

  Name Phone Email
Picture Pending Abdulhafid, Khadija
Picture Pending Costea, Chloe
Picture of Rachel Dean Dean, Rachel (848) 932-5678
Picture of Suha Eleya Eleya, Suha
Picture of Yongjia Gong Gong, Yongjia (848) 932-5641
Picture Pending Hasan, Alia
Picture of Brittany Karas Karas, Brittany (848) 932-5601
Picture Pending Ivanovski, Igor
Picture of Jeremy Lessing Lessing, Jeremy (848) 932-5665
Picture of Tiffany Louie Louie, Tiffany (848) 932-5626
Picture Pending Moreno, Gina (848) 932-5601
Picture of Aishwarya Nathan Nathan, Aishwarya
Picture of Aakansha Roberts Roberts, Aakansha
Picture of Aveen Rasol Rasol, Aveen
Picture of Spencer Roth Roth, Spencer (848) 932-5665
Picture of Ian Schlegel Schlegel, Ian
Picture Pending Shumaker, Alexander
Picture Pending Van de Guchte, Adriana
Picture of Yanran Wang Wang, Yanran (848) 932-5640
Picture of Ying Wang Wang, Ying Elsa (848) 932-5641
Picture of Michelle Zeliph Zeliph, Michelle (848) 932-5626
Picture Pending Zeng, Zishuo