Faculty Emeriti
PostDocs / Research Associates / Research Staff
Graduate Students


  Name Position Phone Email
Picture of Tamar Barkay Barkay, Tamar Distinguished Professor (848) 932-5664
Picture of Debashish Bhattacharya Bhattacharya, Debashish Distinguished Professor (848) 932-6218
Picture of Jeff Boyd Boyd, Jeff Associate Professor (848) 932-5604
Picture of Yana Bromberg Bromberg, Yana Associate Professor (848) 932-5638
Picture of Keith Cooper Cooper, Keith R. Professor (848) 932-5614
Picture of Sharron Crane Crane, Sharron Teaching Instructor (848) 932-5621
Picture of Charles Dismukes Dismukes, Charles Distinguished Professor (848) 445-1489
Picture of Maria Gloria Dominguez Dominguez Bello, Maria Gloria Professor (848) 932-5648
Picture of Max Häggblom Häggblom, Max Distinguished Professor (848) 932-5646
Picture of Peter Kahn Kahn, Peter Professor (848) 932-5618
Picture of Ramaydalis Keddis Keddis, Ramaydalis Teaching Instructor (848) 932-4113
Picture of Arek Kulczyk Kulczyk, Arek Assistant Professor (848) 932-4113
Picture of Yan Yan Lam Lam, Yan Yan Assistant Research Professor (848) 932-5673
Picture of Jessica Lisa Lisa, Jessica Teaching Instructor (848) 932-5672
Picture of Kyle Murphy Murphy, Kyle Assistant Teaching Professor (848) 932-5608
Picture of George Pieczenik Pieczenik, George Associate Professor (848) 932-5637
Picture of Ines Rauschenbach Rauschenbach, Ines Assistant Teaching Professor (848) 932-5635
Picture of Costantino Vetriani Vetriani, Costantino Professor (848) 932-3379
Picture of Natalya Voloshchuk Voloshchuk, Natalya Assistant Teaching Professor (848) 932-5607
Picture of William Ward Ward, William Associate Professor (848) 932-5636
Picture of Lori White White, Lori Associate Professor (848) 932-5605
Picture of Ning Zhang Zhang, Ning Associate Professor (848) 932-6348
Picture of Liping Zhao Zhao, Liping Professor (848) 932-5675
Picture of Gerben Zylstra Zylstra, Gerben Distinguished Professor (848) 932-6298

Faculty Emeriti

  Name Phone Email
Picture of Theodore Chase, Jr. Chase, Jr., Theodore
Picture of Douglas Eveleigh Eveleigh, Douglas E. (848) 932-5647
Picture of Stan Katz Katz, Stan    
Picture of Ron Poretz Poretz, Ron (848) 932-5621  


  Name Position Phone Email
Picture of Audrey Andrews Andrews, Audrey Department Administrative Assistant (848) 932-5632
Picture of Tamara Crawford Crawford, Tamara Department Secretarial Assistant (848) 932-5634
Picture of Lucy Hsu Hsu, Lucy Principal Laboratory Technician (848) 932-5639
Picture of Jean Katz Katz, Jean Laboratory Operations Coordinator (848) 932-5418
Picture of Jessie Maguire Maguire, Jessie Accounting Assistant I (848) 932-5643
Picture of Lindsay Robinson Robinson, Lindsay Undergraduate Microbiology, Graduate Microbial
Biology Secretarial Assistant
(848) 932-5642
Picture of Jacqueline Vinasco Vinasco, Jacqueline Undergraduate Biochemistry Secretarial Assistant (848) 932-5633

PostDocs / Research Associates / Research Staff / Visitors

  Name Position Phone Email
Picture Pending Adedeji, Atilade Visiting Scholar 848-932-5666
Picture Cabanes Sanchez, Maria Laboratory Technician
Picture Pending Coker, Modupe Visiting Scientist
Picture Pending Chang, Hung-Kuang Visiting Scientist
Picture of Victoria DiBona DiBona, Victoria Post-Doctoral Fellow
Picture Pending Ghani, Muhammad Visiting Scholar 848-932-5666
Picture Good, David Laboratory Technician
Picture of Karla_Esquilin-Lebron Esquilín-Lebron, Karla Post-Doctoral Associate 848-932-5678
Picture Pending Levitan, Orly Visiting Assistant Professor
Picture of Moises Lopez Gonzalez Lopez Gonzalez, Moises Post-Doctoral Associate (848) 932-5665
Picture of Yannick Mahlich Mahlich, Yannick Visiting Scholar 848-932-5626
Picture of Andrew Marinucci Marinucci, Andrew Visiting Scientist
Picture Pending Martin, Melinda Visiting Scientist
Picture of Max Miller Miller, Max Post-Doctoral Associate 848-932-5628
Picture Pending McGuinness, Kenneth Post-Doctoral Fellow 848-932-5628
Picture Pending Naspolini, Nathalia Visiting Scholar
Picture Pending Nicklow, Erin Post-Doctoral Associate 848-932-5602
Picture Pending Norambuena Morales, Javiera Post-Doctoral Associate 848-932-5602
Picture of Janet Onishi Onishi, Janet C. Visiting Scientist
Picture Pending Qiang, Liyuan Visiting Scholar
Picture Pending Sheehan, Pamela Visiting Scientist    
Picture Pending Spreen, Yannick Visiting Scholar
Picture of Timothy Stephens Stephens, Timothy Post-Doctoral Associate
Picture Pending Tarique, Qaiser Visiting Scientist
Picture of Nicole Wagner Wagner, Nicole Lab Researcher IV (848) 932-6259
Picture of Jincheng Wang Wang, Jincheng Post-Doctoral Associate (848) 932-5665
Picture Pending Ward, Paula Marie L. Visiting Scientist (908) 510-0933
Picture Pending Weinreb, Joanne Visiting Scientist    
Picture Pending Wu, Guojun Gary Post-Doctoral Associate (848) 932-6394
Picture Pending Zel-Zion, Ehud Research Associate
Picture Pending Zhao, Cuiping Post-Doctoral Associate (848) 932-5641
Picture of ChengSheng Zhu Zhu, ChengSheng Post-Doctoral Associate (848) 932-5626

Graduate Students

  Name Phone Email
Picture Pending Abdulhafid, Khadija
Picture Pending Costea, Chloe
Picture of Rachel Dean Dean, Rachel (848) 932-5678
Picture of Suha Eleya Eleya, Suha
Picture of Yongjia Gong Gong, Yongjia (848) 932-5641
Picture Pending Hasan, Alia
Picture of Brittany Karas Karas, Brittany (848) 932-5601
Picture Pending Ivanovski, Igor
Picture of Jeremy Lessing Lessing, Jeremy (848) 932-5665
Picture of Tiffany Louie Louie, Tiffany (848) 932-5626
Picture Pending Moreno, Gina (848) 932-5601
Picture of Aishwarya Nathan Nathan, Aishwarya
Picture of Aakansha Roberts Roberts, Aakansha
Picture of Aveen Rasol Rasol, Aveen
Picture of Spencer Roth Roth, Spencer (848) 932-5665
Picture of Ian Schlegel Schlegel, Ian
Picture Pending Shumaker, Alexander
Picture Pending Van de Guchte, Adriana
Picture of Yanran Wang Wang, Yanran (848) 932-5640
Picture of Ying Wang Wang, Ying Elsa (848) 932-5641
Picture of Michelle Zeliph Zeliph, Michelle (848) 932-5626
Picture Pending Zeng, Zishuo