Professor Douglas E. Eveleigh

40 Years of Distinguished Service

picture of Dr. Doug Eveleigh

Professor Douglas E. Eveleigh, Fenton Professor of Applied Microbiology, is a tour de force in microbiology with over 40 years of distinguished service to Rutgers and the broader scientific community. He has been a member of the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology at Rutgers since 1970. Professor Eveleigh's interest range from the microbial transformation of plant polysaccharides to the conservation of antique manuscripts and the history of microbiology. He is known internationally for his studies in industrial fermentations, particularly cellulase and gasohol. He and his students pioneered the field of cellulosic biofuels - 40 years ago! It is again a hot topic - and now many of his former students are leading the charge. Professor Eveleigh's interest in the history of science and of microbiology in particular inspired the creation of the American Society for Microbiology Milestones in Microbiology Program, which recognizes institutions and the scientists who worked there for significant contributions toward advancing the science of microbiology. Selman Waksman's Laboratory at Rutgers University was the first to receive this distinction in 2002. Over the years Prof. Eveleigh has spearheaded many events from symposia on the antibiotics discoveries to the re-enactment of the classic 1783 experiment by General George Washington and Thomas Paine of their discovery of the nature of the fiery Will-O'-the-Wisp of marshes and rivers. Prof. Eveleigh's expertise is recognized in both the academic and industrial worlds and his role as an instructor and academic mentor is highly respected. Throughout his career he has taught general microbiology, microbial technology, industrial microbiology and microbial ecology. He has trained over 50 Ph.D. and M.S. students in his research laboratory, who have then gone on to distinguished careers in academia, industry and government. By conservative estimate more than 6000 undergraduate students have learned their microbiology from Prof. Eveleigh and been enriched by his enthusiasm and eclectic approach to teaching. He has infected countless students, staff and faculty colleagues alike with his passion and enthusiasm. With Doug, microbiology is "Sheer Fun"! Thank you for joining us in celebrating Microbiology with Professor Douglas Eveleigh.