Course Synopsis:  Protein and Enzyme Chemistry (SEBS)
11:115:412   (3 credits)

Offered: Every other Spring semester.

 Prerequisites and Registration Restrictions:
Pre-requisites 11:115:403 General Biochemistry 11:115:413 Experimental Biochemistry.

For Pre-requisite overrides or Special Permission contact the Instructor.

Format:  Two 80 minute lectures per week.

Assay and purification of enzymes and other proteins. Chemical modification, site-directed mutagenesis, and enzyme kinetics as tools in understanding structure-function relationships and enzyme mechanisms. Mechanisms of selected enzymes.

Topics covered:   Enzyme kinetics, structure and function.  Mechanisms of protein expression, modification and localization. 

Course Book:  No textbook required.

Learning Goals: Students will learn the details of enzyme kinetics, and how protein function is altered by expression, modification, and localization. 

Examinations:  Two short  essay exams.

Other Requirements: Participation in course discussions.  Oral presentation of current research articles.

Syllabus:  A detailed syllabus will be available at the first class meeting and posted on the course Sakai page.


Additional Information: