Course Synopsis: 

Experimental Biochemistry
11:115:413   (3 credits)

This is a lecture plus laboratory course which is offered each Fall semester.

Prerequisites and Registration Restrictions:
Corequisites: 11:115:403,404 General Biochemistry I and II.  Recommended: 01:447:380 Genetics.

For Pre-requisite overrides or Special Permission contact the Instructor.

One 55 minute lecture and one 4 hour 40 minute lab per week.

Laboratory modules include the Isolation, characterization, and quantitative determination of biological compounds. Students will use spectrophotometric and titrimetric analyses; chromatography and gel electrophoresis; high performance liquid chromatography to isolate and characterize of enzymes, nucleic acids, and lipids. In addition, students will be introduced to the use of graphing and statistical programs for data analysis.  
Topics covered:  Spectrophotometry; pH and buffers; the purification, characterization and identification of proteins; electrophoretic analysis;  carbohydrate analysis.

Course Book: Lab manual is available for purchase at the start of the semester.

Learning Goals: Learn practical laboratory skills, basic statistics, and data analysis.

Examinations:  There is a final exam/lab practical at the end of the semester.

Other Requirements:  Students are expected to complete pre-lab write ups prior to the start of lab. Each lab module has a specific assignment/lab report.

Syllabus:  A detailed syllabus will be available at the first class meeting and posted on the course Sakai page.


Additional Information: