Course Synopsis: Biochemistry Communication (Seminar) -Fall/Spring

11:115:491/ 492 - 3 Credits

Offered: This is a lecture and student presentation course and is offered in both the Fall and Spring semester.

Prerequisites and Registration Restrictions:
Reserved primarily for seniors in the Biochemistry major
For Pre-requisite overrides or Special Permission contact the instructor.

Format: Lecture, discussion and oral presentations.

Description:This course is designed to prepare the student on how to properly prepare for giving an oral presentation on biochemical articles and laboratory data. The students are also required to write a research paper based on information provided by the instructor. This is a very interactive course between the students and professors on how to be prepared to enter into the work place.

Topics Covered: The course covers ethical issues and plagerism concerns in science, how to write an abstract and or give an oral presentaion for a scientific meeting. How to prepare for a job interview, write a cover letter and prepare a CV. Scientific writing based on provided research results is also covered.

Course Book: There is no course book..

Learning Goals: The students are expected to gain confidence in both oral and written presentation of scientific based information. The students learn how to prepare slides for prsentation and how this differs from writting a paper. Basic commincation skills are discussed and evaluated in class. Critical evaluation of journal articles is also a major goal of the course.

Examinations: Class grades are based on class room participation, oral and written presentations.. Class attendance is also calculated into the course grade.

Other Requirements: The students a required to attend a set number of outside seminars in their field of interest and evaluate the presentation and write a short paragraph dealing with the topic area covered and how well it was presented.

Syllabus: A detailed syllabus will be available at the first class meeting and posted on the course Sakai page.

Additional information: Contacts - Dr. Keith Cooper Rm 123, Lipman Hall phone 848-932-5614. email Dr. Lori White (Rm 128, Lipman Hall,