Course Synopsis: Biochemical Mechanisms of Toxicology
11:115:422 - 3 Credits

Offered: This is a lecture course and is offered in the Fall semester.

Prerequisites and Registration Restrictions:
Pre-requisite: Biochemistry 403 or equivalent. Course can be taken concomitantly.
For Pre-requisite overrides or Special Permission contact the instructor.

Format: Two 1 hour 20 min. Lecture.

Description: General principles of toxicology are covered with an emphasis on biochemical mechanisms.

Topics Covered: The course covers specific toxicants and their effects on primarily specific organ systems in eukaryotes. The emphasis is to descuss how morphological/physiological changes are a result of cellular and biochemical processes.
Course Book: No specific text is assigned, because journal articles and materials are supplied through Sakai. A General Toxicology text can be purchased or if highly interested in Toxicology then Casserett and Doul’s Toxicology: the Study of Poisons is recommended.

Learning Goals: The students are expected to gain a fundamental understanding of Toxicology and the underlying principles that result in tissue damage. The information discussed in this class will allow the student to see the relationships between chemistry, physiology, and biochemical courses taken in their major.

Examinations: Class grades are based on 3 in class examinations (short answer essay), a final examination and a paper dealing with biochemical mechanisms involved in a specific drug and or chemical. Class attendance is also calculated into the course grade.
Other Requirements: Exams that are missed will result in the student taking an oral examination on the material by the instructor.

Syllabus: A detailed syllabus will be available at the first class meeting and posted on the course Sakai page.

Additional information: Contact Dr. Keith Cooper (Rm 123, Lipman Hall phone 848-932-5614: email